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From events like the motor show to conference and live performance filming Nucleus's outside broadcast and location units cater for budgets from broadcast clients to individual producers. We film on either Dvcam, or Betacam sp and can edit live performances to any specification. For daily conferences we can edit on the fly for fast next day highlights for content turn-around.

Using experienced sound recordists we can maintain excellent sound production through radio mics or traditional boom mics. Our Production crew and facilities are all experienced Industry specialists and for live performance where you cannot re-shoot you know that with Nucleus Broadcast you are guaranteed superb O/B and event VT.

Conference Filming

Re-calling all the important points, key moments and messages, statistics, key speeches and debates is neither always practicable nor possible, neither is sharing all the volume of material and discussion with colleagues. Good quality conference filming acts both as a record, reminder and in summary form, when edited, as a valuable succinct resource both for the organizers and for the delegates and their respective organizations.

With Nucleus offering fast conference content turn-around the key aspects of the previous days conference can be edited together in summary form for a retrospective of the conference so far for the next day. Using multiple cameras we can cover a number of views on the floor, rostrum and have cameras on speakers, reaction cams and from the floor too.

We can add live mixing and project the video feed to overhead projectors so that the conference can be seen clearly from all angles and in close-up all the action. Conference filming with a multi-camera shooting and sound-Recordist crew offers professional presentation for your company, MD or guest speaker.

When archiving key-note speeches or when for distribution to a board, client or for share-holders a multi-camera conference filming crew provided by Nucleus Broadcast will really get your message across clearly and professionally. The key elements of conferences can also be edited tightly to produce training material, promotional and sales aides, content for video, graphics and print media too. For more information about multi-crew conference filming contact us and we will discuss your requirements in detail.

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