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There are three key stages in a successful Video Production; these are Pre-Production, the production itself and Post-Production.


The first stage of a successful production is planning. It is important to plan thoroughly by identifying clearly your Production aims, style, key messages and target audience. This planning stage is a two way process between what you tell us about your market and aims and what we can suggest to you in order to formulate effective and creative video treatments.

At all stages Nucleus are in dialogue with our clients and our client’s market or key aims. This exchange of information and ideas combined with our Production experience enable us to tightly integrate the Production from the start.

Effective and entertaining Professional video speaks volumes about you, your organization or your Company. A well-planned, well-researched Production delivering your key messages with the right image and style for you is the goal of this stage. Pre–production planning is thus vital to ensure your Production hits its target audience with maximum force and impact. Once we have discussed the project and done the research the final step is a treatment or storyboard made and presented for client approval.


We have the means to produce stunning video and DVD. Working with a range of professional formats from broadcast standard kit to the sony dvcam range. Nucleus use experienced crew to produce crisp, clean and creative video with superb content, and technical quality.

We can produce for Broadcast, Corporate clients and duplicate / encode pieces for bulk vhs / DVD distribution and indeed for many formats or delivery systems in-between.

Our Production department is tightly integrated with post-production to ensure we retain throughout the pristine picture and audio quality. Digital integration at Nucleus not only ensures high-end production values, but we reduce production costs too. This gives you quality video at competitive prices.


Our post-production facilities offer choices in both on & off line non-linear editing. Non-linear editing means that each and every aspect pf your Production from video scenes, audio, images, text, or graphics can be mixed, cropped, merged, changed or deleted as you wish, there and then.

Non-linear editing enables both faster and considerably more creative video. Our digital editing systems offer unlimited creative possibilities: special effects too: indeed everything that is necessary in order to produce stunning video productions. The second stage of post-production is the completion of a ‘rough edit’ for the client to see and discuss any changes. With digital non-linear editing changes to the piece can be done there and then with the client. Clients can then view the edit and take the chance to fine-tune the style, key messages and impact of the production: post production allows us to add, delete, polish off and mix all our source material creatively into a final or ‘master’ edit. When we have client approval this final cut can then be recorded to the format or media of your choice such as video, cd, dvd or even video for the web. Nucleus broadcast can supply bulk-run copies in designed and printed sleeves and also archive your edit for future reference.

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