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Whatever the needs or specific skill requirements for your staff development and training, when done well, nothing gets across your messages, information and remains in the mind better than a successful Training Video.

Experience has shown Companies and organizations two distinct major advantages regarding the use of Video in staff training other than the main concept of vastly increasing the effectiveness of the training itself.

Firstly, a well-designed and carefully crafted video can be utilized for a host of multiple uses; one of the key additional uses of successful training productions is as a promotional tool for the Company or organization, working not only to improve and update a Company's image and reputation but also on the company's sales and marketing strategy, on its branding, strengths, efficiency or highlighting new products and innovations.

Training videos can be used to reinforce information flow throughout the organization on new company structures, branding, and personnel and to enthuse & motivate staff too.

The second major additional benefit of focused training videos is aimed at improving your staff turn-over levels by retaining increasing numbers of staff so that companies do not waste money training staff that then move on, repeating the cycle of training with all the concomitant time, energy and costs involved.

Training videos can save company's considerable money by increasing efficiency, producing well-trained and motivated staff that will form a coherent team all working in the same direction. Training Videos are a valuable tool to increase Professionalism, inform staff of new methodologies and to increase your staff's skills-base.

Good training can lead to increased sales, better productivity, improved customer-care and client-retention and of course mean that your staff are well prepared for the challenge that the future holds.

The key to a successful Training Video is that it should train, be clear but also memorable. An entertaining or creative training video will be watched again and will be remembered whilst also embedding the messages clearly into the trainees.

Nucleus Media can produce training videos for any distribution format and for a wide range of clients and budgets. Contact us for a discussion of your training video needs.

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