The Legacy

Muhammad Ghous Siddiqui

In 1951, a deputy inspector general in the country’s most well respected police service in the princely state of Hyderabad Deccan, India, was preparing to invest his family’s future in a new country called Pakistan. After settling in, he decided not to continue with his law enforcement career and in 1952 joined the General Iron and Steel Works in Karachi as General Manager while studying gas engineering. His name was Muhammad Ghous Siddiqui.

In 1959, Siddiqui took a bold decision and used his meagre savings to travel to Birmingham, England and then to Frankfurt, Germany for industrial engineering courses. Upon returning to Pakistan in 1960, he became associated with the Karachi Gas Company (later transformed into the Sui Southern Gas Company Ltd.) and by 1963 had become its Chief Engineer.

With the commercial exploitation of natural gas in Pakistan in 1955, a gas revolution had taken the nation by storm and had been rapidly gaining momentum. In the early sixties, Siddiqui became a pioneer in the art of converting industries powered by furnace oil into gas.

In 1965, after leaving the Karachi Gas Company and fuelled by a passion of entrepreneurship, he formed the company called Blue Flame and began manufacturing water heaters, stoves, ovens and cooking ranges. Fiercely driven to do more for the people, in 1976, Siddiqui established the General Engineering and Manufacturing Company (GEMCO).

Till the early eighties, GEMCO then expanded dynamically by developing several highly successful bread plants around the country’s commercial and political capital and also engaged into the manufacturing of gas pressure regulators which dominated the local and regional markets.

Muhammad Yahya Siddiqui

Effective succession planning paved the way for the second-generation to make its mark and from 1983 onward; Muhammad Yahya Siddiqui capitalised on GEMCO’s expansive achievements and goodwill and entered into the challenging operations of oil and gas field services consultancy.

With a master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Karachi, Yahya Siddiqui diversified the company’s business portfolio in agency representation of the world’s leading petroleum services company, Schlumberger Ltd. and introduced subsidiaries of Schlumberger in Pakistan namely Dowell Schlumberger, Flopetrol Schulmberger, Forex-Neptune Schlumberger and Anadrill Schlumberger.

Eventually, GEMCO went on to become the prime agency representative of Control Flow Inc. (USA) and brought into Pakistan the company’s wellhead and Xmas tree equipment in competition with the global oilfield equipment giant Cameron. Subsequently, Control Flow Inc. with the ardent support of GEMCO became the largest supplier of wellhead equipment in Pakistan.

As GEMCO’s legacy carries forward into the third-generation, the aim is to build on its proud history and achievement and to address the challenges of the twenty-first century. With a vision to be a leading facilitator in the energy sector of Pakistan and beyond, GEMCO has now evolved into GEMCO Energy.