As a representative agency, GEMCO Energy has facilitated the supply of a wide range of superior quality wellhead equipment manufactured to precision by its principal Control Flow Inc., USA. to the oil exploration industry of Pakistan.

A major impact of the wider technological developments in the oil and gas industry has been a complete restructuring of the supply chain as oilfield and gas services firms increasingly take on roles formerly carried out by the largest oil producers. Today the oilfield services comprises of a range of businesses with very specific functions within the sector spectrum.

GEMCO Energy, continues to serve as a catalyst by fulfilling the needs of its principal and the oil & gas industry of Pakistan. GEMCO Energy offers professional services for upstream projects which include:

  • Corporate and Company Registration
  • Management Consultancy
  • Manpower Acquisition
  • Tax Consultancy (customs, sales, income tax, etc.)
  • Government Liaisons
  • Location Hiring
  • Car Rentals
  • Security
  • Media Archival Services