Peace Dialog Episode No. 1 – Interview with Dr. Garret Wyner



Our Vision: 

A Multi-disciplinary; multicultural and Multi-religious outreach for all peoples to contribute

to the global effort of building interfaith harmony and global peace.

Our Mission:

To create a synergy around this Vision whereby a global community of spirits will actively participate in building a

rhythm of harmony across and between the faiths and thereby the communities of the world through

the principles of peace psychology and positive psychology and through the spiritual principles that underlie all religious teachings.


Our Orientation: 

Creating access through social media of various forms so that all individuals of the various disciplines, cultures and

religions, especially the leaders in such arenas, will participate in sharing knowledge, experiences and insights in relation to the “how” of building

interfaith harmony has been practiced and promoted in their lives and work


Our Pluralistic Ethos: Toward an Integrative Society and Global Community

I————(name), hereby solemnly swear to YOU, O Creator, that from this day forward until my death, I shall not judge any fellow human being on the basis of his or her faith, beliefs, race or ethnicity.  I shall commit my life to the Greatest Good within myself and in all others I encounter in this life.

I shall not harm or be part of any harm creating policies or instruments that may cause injury, death or destruction to any fellow human being on the basis of his or her faith, beliefs, race or ethnicity.

I shall dedicate my life from this day forward to be an expression of Universal Principles: Gratitude to God, Joy for the process invoked herein, Presence in each moment, Faith in the One Creator; Love of That One Creator; Truth of these principles; Reason and Logic to guide all my actions from principles, and Ethics of living a life committed to these Universal Principles.

I shall manifest these principles as an expression of my Love for Thee O Creator to all humanity and all your creations.

I solemnly swear to you, O Creator that I will align with and abide by this oath until the day You have determined I leave this plane of existence and join You.

I pray that You will give me strength, based upon my efforts to Live this Oath, so that I overcome any expectations, desires for consequences, rewards or results which would hinder my focus, my oath and my efforts.  In this way the Love I have committed to for the principles will replace all negativity toward all living beings.

In the Spirit of this Love and Peace, I sign this oath…