The Charter

It is the Spirit, and Purpose of this organization, from the principles and content of the Vision, Mission, Orientations and Oath of each signatory that this organization moves forward in time and space into Eternity. Each member and the synergy of their spirits proclaim, promote and manifest the Spirit of Peace so that it may offer and replace all energies of disharmony that exist in any time and place on this plane of existence and into the next.

All actions and policies generated henceforth from this Vision, Mission, Orientations and Charter are to be a reflection of the Spirit and Principles so stated. All those who come into the Fold of this organization and who embrace the above principles and commitment will be welcome through their oath and actions regardless of race, religion or ethnicity. Embracing all the above, through the oath and actions imply zero tolerance for any negation any aspect of the above and aforementioned principles. To embrace the above implies that at any time should there be a violation of this Spirit, principles and practice means immediate expulsion and withdrawal from this organization pending a review of such violation by the creators of this organization.